Entrez dans un monde où l’innovation rencontre l’excellence

En matière d’expéience client, ne vous contentez pas de l’ordinaire. Rejoignez notre révolution technologique dès aujourd’hui. Explorez les frontières de l’innovation avec une équipe passionnée et déterminée à vous propulser vers de nouveaux sommets.

Level up your technology

Run your Contact Center with software that simplifies your day!

Really innovate by optimizing your contact center technology. Elevate your customer experience by embracing an omnichannel approach.

To be kept in step with new communication channels and the consumers who embrace them, many contact centers have rushed to add new features to their solutions. This multi-channel approach, made up of solutions that are more or less well integrated with each other, results in complicated systems that are often unresponsive to customers, difficult to manage and costly to maintain. The OCX solution is natively omnichannel, allowing you to take your business to new heights.

Seamless Channel Surfing

Manage campaigns and contacts across all your channels in a single application with univarsal queue to maximize agent utilization. Now you can deliver a true omnichannel Customer eXperience with visible results.

Intuitive User Interface

Design tinking or human-centred design is a process for creative problem solving. As the title might hint, this approach applies elements and methodology, in whixh the designers use empathy and experiementation to arrive at innovative solutions.

It integrates people’s needs, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business succes. Where these three concepts overlap is the sweet spot for fostering innovation.

Security matters

Your security is the utmost importance to us, hence why we protect our solution with the most advanced security standards.

Simple & Flexible

Being so simple and transparent on the financial side allows us to be a real Game Changer… No upfront fee. Real pay-per-use monthh by mont with the opportunity to mix different plans to meet exactly your needs. We have imagined all the cases to helping you helping you keed your costs down.

The CX Factory offer


Customer eXperience

Provide your customers and agents a seamless and engaging eXperience across all your contact channels. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by interacting with customers in their channel of their choice and preserving their interaction context when they move between channels.

Empower agents across voice and digital channels with an unified desktop, customer journey information and a native and access to CRM information.

Unified Communications

Unify your employee communications company wide. Global office, distibuted teams, remote workers, today’s workforce is varied. But with a modern unified communications platform, employees are no longer bound by location or hardware.

Whether you’re in an office at headquarter, a work from home agent or a globetrotter who’s seldom in the same place, our Unified Communication solution keeps you connected to your team.

Telecom carrier

At CX Factory, we help Enterprises to build better customer relationships using our Telco Services.

We not only provide the best Contact Center technology but also Telco alternatives. You won’t waste a minute and like our customers you will save 30 to 40% annually.

What you get from working with us?

Get up & running quickly

We’ll work with you to implement a solution that delivers quick results.

Build a path to success

We have the experience to back up your expertise and we take what we’ve learned with our customers and put it to work with you.

Journey to expertise

We emporewed your teams with trainings so you get the product knowledge to run quickly profitable operations.

CX Factory at a Glance

We create added value to help our clients win the battle of the Customer eXperience.

Our teams support you in your profound transformation of your Customer eXperience by helping you not only rethink your infrastructures but also your services, your organizations by designing digital services and experiences that engage consumers and employees and thus transform the Customer eXperience into a true competitive advantage.

Take the first step in transforming your Customer eXperience