Why CX Factory

One platform, Infinite Possibilities

CX Factory designed the leading OCX Solution for power and flexibility so that you can leverage its features in any use.

OCX is designed for you

CX Factory has the technology and the contact center experience to help you to succeed. With OCX, you are equiped with a system designed to support all types of business and industry applications. Our cutting-edge technology and years of contact center industry experience, CX Factory is able to provide the tools and expertise to help you to turn your contact center a competitive weapon.

Whatever your role in the organization – whether you are an agent, customer service executive, sales manager, contact center manager or IT manager – OCX will help you achieve your goals.

The OCX Advantages

Fast and Agile

Regularly our customers tell us that the speed and ease of our deployments make us out from the competition. Your contact center can be up and running in days, not months, and you can easily scale as needed.


Your security is important to us. The CX Factory architecture deployed for OCX is designed with firewalls, intrusion prevention and a vulnerability management system to protect your data. We guarantee that your recordings are secured through encrypted links and sophisticated encryption algorithms and deploy authentication rules in order to appropriately control access in a secure manner. Your data are protected from prying eyes and unauthorized access.


Unlike complex contact center solutions, OCX was created with the business user in mind. OCX is easy enough to use that even non-techies can make changes, and intuitive enough for agent and supervisor training to take place in just few hours.


To mitigate service disruption and maximize up-time, CX Factory offers redundant data centers geographically over UE (GDRP) with failover capability. OCX guarantees 99,99% availability.

Why CX Factory?

Customer First

Achieve success with our business results approach to sales, implementation and service.

Totally Customizable

Adapt the Contact Center as a Service to the needs of your business, not the other way around

Secure & Reliable

Count on the most stringent levels of security and guaranteed uptime.

Empower your agents

Make it easy for your agents to deliver the amazing experience your customers want.

Take the first step in transforming your Customer eXperience