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Our experts offer an effective combination of broad customer services expertise and deep product knowledge to help you deliver an amazing customer experiences. From the implementation to always-on service, without missing training courses or consulting, CX Factory makes sure you get the best value out your solution.

We’re smarter and better together

We will design a solution around your unique business and customer services goals. regardless of where you’re in your journey, the complexity of your operations or how quickly you are ready to drive your transformation, we will partner with you to design a solution and implementation plan tailored to your unique requirements and structure.

Implementation & Integration

CX Factory implementation services get you up and running quickly with minimal disruption to your operations.


Our experienced consultants can help you improve better performance and capitalize on business opportunities.


CX Factory training packages are tailored to your needs, so you can make the most of basis and advanced features.


You can rely on our engineers to give you the help you need, when you need it.

"Un avant et un après. La mise en oeuvre d'OCX en 2015, a profondément transformé notre Service Client. EN quelques mois, nous sommes passé d'un centre d'appels basé autour d'un ACD à une technologie innovante qui permettait d'offrir une expérience client omnicanalede qualité."

– F. Moreu Directeur des Crédits – SERUNION

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