We are Game Changers

Game Changer: Noun | geɪm ˈʧeɪnʤə. An event, idea, procedure or approach that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something


We deploy high-tech solutions that shape the future of contact centers and take Customer eXperience to a whole new leveL.

We strive to provide complete and omnichannel high quality business solutions for companies who need to communicate with their customers accross all channels.

Our customeroriented philosophy is based on agile development and personalization. Our teams work our business partners and your staff towards achieving everybody’s best interest.

At CX Factory we believe that technology is the key drive innovation and unlock business potential. We help our clients focus on their core business and their most valuable asset: their customers.

Game Changers

At CX Factory we value people over processes and we promote critical and creative thinking. It is in our DNA. It is the reason why we believe that the greatest successes can only blossom in the right environment.

You will develop and grow in an agile company where it is okay to take risks, make mistakes and change plans to find transformative solutions.

The CX Factory’s values will allow you to learn from the best, buid relationships and skills that will make you a Game Changer.

Driven by and for people

We will give you the tools to drive your job and thrive because we do not want there to be anything stopping you from doing it, because doing a job you love with brillant people is one of the most satisfying things.

The CX Factory’s spirit is positive and collaborative. We work together with respect, frankness and passion in an innovative environment where new ideas are everywhere.

This allow our teams to be more than their job descriptions. We are game changers, we are groundbreakers, we are CX Factory.

Growing through Innovation

We work hard to create a career environment every bit as agile, progressive and future-focussed as our projects.

At CX Factory, you will learn from leading technical partners and genuine experts, increasing your knowledge on recognized market solution.

Beyond growing your skills, we are committed to day by day improving our employee eXperience, sharing knowledge, teaching each other and being each of us responsible for the growth of the colleagues.

Become a Game Changer. Join us!

We are always looking for people who are passionate about creating innovative, value-added solutions that are tailor-made for our customers.